5 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Celtics hold off 76ers in a gritty win – Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts 2021-12-01 22:35:57 –


The Celtics fell into some old habits, but continued to defend themselves stubbornly.

The Boston Celtics defend Jaylen Brown’s thread, where the Philadelphia 76ers defend Tyrese Maxey and Center Joel Embiid. Associated Press Photo / Charles Krupa

Here, Celtics Held for a gritty 88-87 victory behind Jason Tatum’s 26-point performance against the 76ers on Wednesday.

1. The last possession of the game was the defense master class. The Celtics were leading alone and needed a stop to win. The Sixers worked in about 6 seconds. Al Horford was screened by Joel Embiid before the inbound pass, leaving Jaylen Brown on a huge central island. Horford recognized this issue and pushed Tobias Harris strongly. It blocked Harris’ airspace and kept the ball away from the post. Embiid fought Brown, but to no avail.

The Sixers still looked pretty good. Rob Williams hung under the hoop in case Harris was able to throw a pass while Embiid was competing for a position with Brown.Williams, however, was defending Georges Niang jumped out freely in the corner. Harris finds Nian, who looks like he’s looking closely at 3.

Fortunately for the Celtics, Williams is an athlete from another world. He jumped out into Nian, flew straight, blocked shots, and twisted his body out of the way to prevent fouls.

Let’s take a look at the whole thing.

2. Williams Brock (and Horford’s knowledge) rescued the Celtics from many criticisms because the last offensive possession of the Celtics was horrifying. Jaylen Brown was only involved in setting up the Schrader screen, but that was rarely achieved.

Some bad habits reappeared for the Celtics on Wednesday — concerns about a hurt West Coast trip are imminent. The attacks were generally stagnant and unstimulated while they ended with only 18 assists and 33 field goals and their defense kept them in the game (and eventually won it).

3. Probably more worrisome: Jaylen Brown stepped up and down the court most of the evening and after the last play he could see him frowning on his way off the floor. rice field. He didn’t look healthy.

But after the match, Udoka said he hadn’t heard anything about the re-injury.

“He didn’t say anything,” he said. “I thought he was making a really good effort at the end … but he didn’t say anything and nothing we saw.”

Udoka’s point: Hobble or not, Brown Put together It was one of the most defensive sequences of the quarter season, pushing Embiid completely forward and blocking layups when the Sixers couldn’t get a layup.

4. Yesterday I wrote about Enes Freedom And his desire to talk to LeBron James on human rights issues.

Writing “Freedom said” to take you a little behind the curtain repeatedly felt very strange. However, it was doubly strange to hear variations of “Screen set by Freedom” and “Freedom blocked by Embiid …” on the air.

How long does it take for the word “freedom” to divorce from its true meaning in the Celtics world?

5. One strange note: The Celtics had a net problem delaying the start of the second half as one of the loops was reverted. Anyone who has threaded the net may think that a 7-foot player with long arms (or Robert Williams with a 7-foot standing reach with long arms) can undo the loop. Maybe, but obviously the NBA net runs along the cord inside the rim, which is different. I think the setup is usually safe, but on Wednesday the process of fixing the net was complicated and many players extended the water break before the start of the third quarter.

I have more takeaways later tonight.

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5 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Celtics hold off 76ers in a gritty win Source link 5 takeaways as Jayson Tatum, Celtics hold off 76ers in a gritty win

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