5 Reasons You Should Be Ordering Your Contacts Online: An Inside Look


When ordering items from the convenience of your home or office, your world becomes more effortless. After the past two years, many people have appreciated the value of online or delivery subscription services. These exist for every product under the sun, including your contact lenses. Rather than having to visit your ophthalmologist to order contacts, it’s time to start ordering them from the comfort of your couch.

Buying contacts online: The how-to guide

Buying contacts online is relatively simple. You will need a recent eye exam and a prescription that includes the prescriber, the date of the exam, and these details:

  • Vision correction powers with plus or minus
  • Lens curvature
  • Lens diameter
  • Brand name of prescribed lenses

After you’ve browsed through the online selection and picked out your desired style and brand of contacts, you’ll need to enter the information listed above to ensure you receive the right size and prescription. After that, the check-out process will be similar to any other online shopping environment.

Investigate the seller’s reputation

Before buying contacts online, be sure the seller is reputable and will send the product you order. A long-standing track record of thousands of satisfied contact-lens wearers and satisfied customers is a tell-tale sign of a trustworthy provider. If you’re looking for a top-rated retailer, like 1 800 Contacts, you can check the seller’s reputation by reading reviews from prior customers.

Shop around for the best price

When you buy contact lenses from your eye-care provider, you must pay their premium prices. These prices are usually significantly higher than the prices from online shops. When shopping online, consider shipping costs, as some sellers use shipping to recover their advertised low prices. You can also look for coupons to lower prices even more.

You’ll have time to shop around to find the best deals when you order contacts online. If you buy them from your provider, you get what you get at the prices they establish.

You won’t wear your contacts for longer than recommended

When you buy expensive contacts, you might wear them longer than the recommended time. The lenses can accumulate dirt and cause infections in your eyes. However, if you can buy low-priced contacts, you can change them as your ophthalmologist recommends, thus keeping your eyes healthy and safe.

Consider how stingy you might become when you are down to your last box. When you order contacts online, you don’t have to worry about rationing your contact lenses because you have a constant supply of new ones.

Online sellers offer speedy delivery

Many online sellers can deliver prescription contacts faster than local eye-care providers. Not only will you get your new lenses quickly, but you can also schedule your reorder to have them delivered before you run out of your previous order. You can have your contacts delivered to work, your home, or a vacation destination.

Opticians can answer questions

When you order contact lenses online, you have the option to chat with licensed opticians. These professionals can answer questions about eye care and the best brands for your eyes. If your favorite brand isn’t available, the eye care experts can recommend a replacement. Opticians can also help you with maintenance tips and other contact lens gear.

Wrap up

Consumers can purchase various health care supplies online, including prescription medication and supplies. Ordering products like contact lenses adds convenience and reduces vision-related expenses. Before you buy your contacts, remember that you’ll need a current prescription and shop around for a reliable seller with speedy shipping and affordable prices.


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