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    5 must-have board slides for SaaS sales and revenue leaders – TechCrunch

    As income As a leader in big and small technology companies, I have attended many quarterly board meetings for the past 15 years.

    These meetings take countless hours of preparation and can create a lot of stress. Preparation and practice can be exhausting and, more importantly, distracting from your daily work.

    This is all necessary because the board of directors is a very important event. As a wise mentor once told me, no one is promoted from the board, but people are certainly fired afterwards.

    So, if you are responsible for driving revenue growth in your company, how do you make your part of these meetings as attractive and influential as possible? Here’s some hard-earned advice and suggestions for five essential board slides (B2B, customized for software company leaders as a service) to help you make great presentations and saves. Your sanity.

    Size is important — and consistency is also important

    I attended the board of directors of a company whose deck is 30 slides. I also attended a conference with more than 150 slides on the deck. I need to determine the level of detail that is appropriate for my organization, but my general rule is to cut the slides until the deck description is compromised.

    You also need to strive for consistency. The same set of indicators and details should be provided at quarterly meetings so that directors and executives can compare key data by apple.

    Note: The world is evolving and the idea of ​​”cohort data” is flourishing. As businesses evolve and new models such as consumption-based or payment-based pricing become commonplace, certain metrics need to be adjusted over time, especially for B2B SaaS companies.

    Deliver goods

    Share some ideas from a delivery perspective.

    The first is pretty well known. Please do not present the slides. Present the story. Board members are good at slicing data thinly and asking questions in advance. Don’t feel the need to present any nuances about your data. Please understand the point.

    Another piece of advice here is to look ahead. First-time board attendees are often obsessed with looking at the past, but it’s probably not where you should focus on most of your energy. Read the presentation to see how much focus you have on the past and future.

    Most of your deck should draw a picture of what you’re trying to do, not what happened. The board received a board flash from the CEO shortly after the end of the quarter and is currently reading the deck. What you are doing here is to share the adjustments you are making to move your business forward.

    Finally: Create an appendix. This focuses on content (new initiatives, market development strategy changes, product topics) and doesn’t get stuck with too much data. However, the appendix allows the board to view the quarterly changes in more detail.

    Focus on these 5 essential slides

    I’ve traditionally built a “talk time” during a board presentation around five slides focused on revenue. Some versions of these slides have been on my board deck for the last 10 years. These are data-rich slides, so be prepared to discuss the story they are telling, not the data.

    For example, board members will notice if sales are accelerating and average selling prices are declining. You need to explain why it’s happening because they can see it in your number.

    Slide 1: Headline reel

    After the cover and agenda, I think all decks should start with headline reels. This is an important result achieved in the previous quarter. Whether the quarter was good or bad, don’t search the deck for details on the board.

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