3 Key Takeaways From the Supreme Court Case That Could Potentially Overturn Roe v. Wade


Conclusion: Prohibiting abortion forces women to carry their pregnancy against their will. During the discussion on Wednesday, the judges gave hints on which method they would decide.

Conservative judges made their opinion clearer

Mark Joseph Stern, a reporter reporting the incident slate, I have written “During oral argument on Wednesday” in the minutes Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationFive Republican-appointed judges have fully made it clear that they are ready to abolish the constitutional right to abortion, which was established nearly 50 years ago. Roe v. Wade.. Stern, in particular, quotes Kavanaugh’s remarks. “The Constitution is neither a lifetime nor an option on the issue of abortion, but it leaves the issue for the people of the state and perhaps Congress to solve in a democratic process.” While Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts asked a question that seemed to look for a third option to affirm or revoke Law, Kavanaugh reiterated that the Constitution was “neutral” with respect to abortion.

Amy Coney Barrett seems to suggest that abortion is not a “forced motherhood” due to the existence of adoption.

In the question, Connie Barrett It pointed out The groundbreaking Supreme Court abortion case Roe v. Wade When Planned parent-child relationship v.Casey Susan Matthews has ruled against limiting abortion because of the “parenting burden” caused by the ban on abortion. I got it of slate.. “Why doesn’t the safe haven law handle the problem?” Connie Barrett mentioned and asked. law Allows parents to surrender their baby for adoption.

This means that women seeking abortion should instead be forced to give up 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth, and babies. In the 2019 article Atlantic ocean, Writer Olga Kazan It pointed out Choosing adoption is very rare if both abortion and adoption are legal. “In 2014, Only 18,000 children Children under the age of two were assigned to an adoption agency, “says Khazan. “By comparison, 1 million abortions Every year.. “

Liberal judge suggested a reversal egg The court will look bad

“Can this institution survive the stench it creates in the general perception that the Constitution and its interpretation are merely political acts?” Sonia Sotomayor Justice Asked.. “If people really believe it’s all political, how will we survive? How will the court survive?” Judge Stephen Breyer, as well. Dobbs vs Jackson Judges of the Supreme Court give the public the impression that they are “just politicians.”

However, some analysts predicted that Trump’s appointed person did not want to be recognized as a party, New York Magazine Writer Irin Carmon I got it“On Wednesday, neither Barrett nor Kavanaugh seemed to have a tendency to disappoint the movement that put them in court,” she wrote. Roe v. Wade The End — A dream of a relentless forced childbirth of conservative movement, without pretending or excuses. “

The Supreme Court may decide on the Mississippi River proceedings this summer.Meanwhile, some experts Women say they need to plan carefully in case Roe v. Wade It will be turned over.

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