3 Differences Between ATVs and UTVs


3 Differences Between ATVs and UTVs

Going off-road can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

There is much to enjoy: the driving itself, the air time you catch whenever you jump over an obstacle, the feeling you get when you’re shredding through nature with thick, military-grade rubber tires, and the fact that you can push through muddy roads as if they were oiled for your passage.

When most people think of an off-road vehicle, they either consider a 4×4 vehicle or the ever-popular ATV. However, the last dozen years have brought about a new contender to the off-road scene: the UTV, the ATV’s beefier cousin.

If you’d like to find out the difference between an ATV and a UTV, then make sure to read on! In this article, we’ve delved into the basics of off-road vehicles as well as which one would suit you best.

What Is an Off-Road Vehicle?

In short, an off-road vehicle is usually an automobile that has been designed to be driven in extreme terrain conditions. While your usual passenger car is good at driving on asphalt, tarmac, or any other traditional surface, the off-road vehicle is instead superior at driving over rocks, logs, and muddy stretches of road.

For this reason, many people from across the globe are fans of off-road vehicles. Indeed, they give you a feeling of power and relief that cannot be easily reciprocated, especially if you’ve got your car stuck in the mud before. In your passenger car, you’ll avoid any bad road conditions. In an off-road vehicle, you’ll probably seek them out.

The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is probably the most commonly known off-road vehicle, primarily because it is intuitive, exciting, and thus popular with youths. As a result, they are frequently rented out during social gatherings and are significantly more ubiquitous than their more specialized counterparts.

On the other hand, the utility terrain vehicle (UTV) has been designed with efficiency in mind rather than leisure. As a result, the UTV is generally more sturdy and powerful, featuring stronger motors, a bulkier, steadier frame, and increased storage space.

Furthermore, what sets apart UTVs from ATVs is that they feature a passenger seat. ATVs are for single-use, which means that you cannot carry a person with you. Those who have tried have more often than not sustained physical injuries or vehicular property damages.

Do I Need an ATV or a UTV?

Whether you need an ATV or a UTV depends solely on your needs. There are several areas in which one has advantages over the other, as well as downsides, so reaching a conclusion can prove to be difficult.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each off-road vehicle aspect you should take into consideration.


ATVs are significantly smaller than UTVs. Furthermore, they are also easier to maneuver, especially in tight spaces or when performing quick turns. Therefore, an ATV can feel more like an extreme sports vehicle than your typical automobile. However, if you’d like a regularly sized off-road vehicle and want to have fun by yourself, then opt for an ATV.

On the other hand, if an increased size isn’t a downside, then the addition of an extra passenger cabin could make the UTV the perfect choice for the practical.


The less expensive option is undoubtedly the ATV. UTVs tend to be more expensive, mostly because they have a lot of additional features such as an all-important roll-cage. If you’re not looking to spend much, then go for an ATV. If you’re not afraid to spend a bit of money for your safety, then the UTV might be a better choice.


For what do you want to use an off-road vehicle? There’s no reason to buy an expensive UTV if you just want to roam around in the woods once every fortnight. Conversely, you shouldn’t purchase an ATV if you’d simply like to enjoy a slow ride over difficult terrain.

To summarize, ATVs are quick, agile, and exhilarating. They are perfect if you want to get an off-road vehicle for your personal enjoyment.  If you have a family and would like to purchase a practical automobile to traverse the great outdoors in comfort, buy a UTV.

4×4 or SxS?

Deciding on whether or not you want to purchase a “quad” or a “side-by-side” can be a difficult decision. Therefore, we’ve provided the basics so that you can make an informed decision, although our suggestion would be to perform even more research.

In the end, only you know what off-road vehicle would suit you best. Already bought one? Then customize your UTV with Polaris General accessories for the most memorable driving experience!

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