Friday, January 21, 2022

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    21.1 Million SHIB Burned in Past 24 Hours, While New SHIB Burn Site Kicks Off

    SHIB community keeps burning tokens and launches a new website that help track the burning process

    According to the recent tweets posted by the Twitter account that often reports new SHIB token burns, over the past twenty-four hours, over 21 million SHIB coins has been sent to an unspendable wallet

    SHIB army says goodbye to another 21.1 million SHIB

    The Shiba Inu community continues burning millions of SHIB tokens on a daily basis, making the circulating supply of the second largest canine cryptocurrency shrink. By now, over the past twenty-four hours, a total of 21,104,209 SHIB has been burned, as reported by the @shibburn Twitter account.

    From that amount, 2,837,414 SHIB has been so far burnt today.

    By now, slightly over 41 percent of SHIB supply in circulation has been burned.

    New SHIB burn website launched

    Twitter user @shibburn has also announce that they have launched a new website that offers data on SHIB burn transactions and has a link to etherscan to confirm them as well.

    Number SHIB holders hits new ATH but still behind BabyDoge

    WhaleStats blockchain tracker has shared the news that the number of crypto wallets holding Shiba Inu tokens has surged to a new all-time high of 1,140,151.

    That is still behind the number of wallets that hold another trending meme coin now – BabyDoge. As reported by U.Today on January 12, there are now a total of 1,205,517. Top BNB whales now hold a $3,921,073 worth of BabyDoge (that’s 1,021,210,347,125,265 tokens).

    Back to Shiba Inu, WhaleStats added that the top 1,000 ETH whales are holding 51,797,443,284,681 SHIB in their addresses, which equals to $1,618,039,118.


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