2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS gets 350-mile EPA estimated range


350 miles is pretty good, but we were expecting more.

Antuan Goodwin / Roadshow

During my first spin Production Specifications 2022 Mercedes Benz EQS On this week’s California road, I learned what an electric sedan would look like, and what the official US estimated range driver could expect from Benz’s quiet and luxurious flagship. Mercedes said at a conference in Silicon Valley this week that the rear-wheel drive EQS450 Plus has an estimated EPA range of 350 miles, while the dual-motor EQS5804MATIC drops to an estimated 340 miles on a single charge. ..

when EQS debuted in April 2021, Proud car maker Slippery sedan The maximum range in the European WLTP test cycle is approximately 485 miles. I knew that passing the less generous tests of the US EPA would reduce that number, but I was hoping for something around 400 miles. The announcement of the 340-350 miles left me wondering: what happened?

Both EQS configurations feature the same 329 horsepower electric motor on the rear axle as the same 107.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, rotating the wheels with a large torque of 419 lb-ft. While the EQS450 Plus is stopped there, the EQS580 4MATIC adds a second small motor to the front axle for a total of 560hp and 631lb-ft all-wheel drive torque.

The difference between the two ranges is due in part to the additional motors and partly to the two standard wheels (20 inches for the EQS450 and 21 inches for the EQS580), but the dual motor model does. Thanks to the slim gap, improved regenerative braking capability and intelligent use of the motor. It was not uncommon to glance around the town of 580. Hyper screen information display And see it operating at low speed and pure front-wheel drive.

Given the aerodynamics and battery size, the EPA estimates seem modest, but remind us of the experience of EQS’s sportier rival, the Roadshow. Porsche Taycan When Audi E-Tron GT..We were able to Easily defeat the conservative evaluation of EPA For those vehicles, do you find that the Mercedes-Benz extended test also exceeds expectations?

I’m still waiting for a more detailed breakdown from the EPA with six different configurations of EQS.So far, Tesla’s 405 miles Model S long range As far as the EPA scope is concerned, it remains the gold standard, at least until then. 520 miles Lucid Air I’ll get here.

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