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    2022 Maserati Ghibli entry price rises to $ 77,695

    Maserati Announcing the renewal of the Ghibli lineup In June, I boiled down 10 trims to 4, but didn’t announce the price. Good stuff arrived at the Maserati configurator, so we knew how much more Maserati in 2022 would cost compared to the previous one.Big jumps occur at the bottom, which is the previous base Ghibli It will be the 2022 Ghibli GT. The GT is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 and produces 345 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.There’s also an 18-inch alloy wheel and chrome accents on the outside, leather “comfortable” seats and dark mirror trim on the inside, and an automaker spokesman. Kas Rigas said CarsDirect GT gets some standard driving assistance technology, wireless charging, and black paint break Caliper.

    The price increase for new names and merchandise will be $ 4,010, from $ 73,685 to $ 77,695 after a destination fee of $ 1,495.

    What’s more, Ghibli Modena starts at $ 82,395, which is $ 1,210 higher than before. GranSport Gran Lusso trim that came on top of the S and all-wheel drive SQ4. The Ghibli Modena features a 424 hp version of the V6 engine. 428 lb-ft. Restyled bumper with black inserts, 20-inch wheels and “wraparound” leather seats.

    Turning the front axle to get the all-wheel drive Modena Q4 adds $ 2,600, for a total of $ 84,995. The price to add an AWD has risen by $ 100, and this is the only AWD trim currently in the range after having three last year. However, the price of an AWD Ghibli with an upper trim has dropped by $ 2,990. Last year, the lower S Q4 was priced at $ 81,185, while the S Q4 Gran Lusso and Gran Sport were priced at $ 87,985.

    Finally, the 2022 GhibliTrofeo starts at $ 112,095 and is just $ 710 higher than the 2021 GhibliTrofeo. Just below it, and for a moment Ghibli F Tribute in honor of Juan Manuel Fangio (Photo) Exclusive colour And “very limited” production execution. Based on a search on the US Maserati website, Ghibli F Tribut starts at $ 100,385 when shopping in places like Arizona and $ 102,885 in places like New York.

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    2022 Maserati Ghibli entry price rises to $ 77,695

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