2022 Market Road Map: Stay Bullish, Stay Active


Financial markets will look very different in 2022.

With interest rate hikes and the Fed’s bond-buying market stimulus imminent, investors need to be creative in finding profits in the ongoing bull market.

I’m not 100% sure where the market will go next year.So I want to talk, not what to buy how Invest in the 2022 market this week Investing with Charles..

This is our chance to set some basic rules for a big profit New Year.

This is the 2022 market roadmap.

Here are some highlights of the conversation with research analyst Matt Clark.

2022 market tips

Buy and hold supplements

mat: Let’s start with the market. Although technically still in a bull market, stock prices in all three major indexes are declining. As an investor, what are you doing to prepare for the unknown world next year?

Charles: Over the last few years, we have moved from buy-and-hold investments to more aggressive investments. For much of my portfolio, I’ll stay short, but that works.That’s what we do Money & Market, Green Zone Fortune And other services: We focus on short-term opportunities and I think it really makes sense.

Now you need to pay attention to the size of the position.There is a perception that short-term trading is more risky than long-term investment, but short-term trading is actually Less than It is dangerous to keep the position size reasonable.

My first tip: Have a short-term focus. Get ready to trade more aggressively.

Use a tax incentive account

mat: What advice do you give your readers about what you are doing in the month, in terms of savings and preparation, and your personal finances up to 2022?

Charles: Well, the first is to pay attention to the profits you get from your investment. It should be more than just price increases and dividends. We’re excited about it, but it’s only part of your return.

Also take into account tax incentives. Use a tax-friendly savings plan (401k, IRA, HAS, etc.) to ensure that all dollars you put into these accounts are tax deductible. It lowers your tax amount at the rate of your marginal tax rate. That is the source of profit.

As far as I am concerned, $ 1 of the deferred tax is $ 1 of the saved tax.

Getting the most out of these types of accounts is really easy. If you’re nervous about the market and don’t want to go all-in, do your best for a long time. Buy that index fund and be happy without any problems. You can still maximize your 401k and store it in a cash or money market.

Generally speaking, you can do anything with an IRA that you can normally do with a regular securities account, depending on the custodian you use and its rules. Get that money with those accounts. Push it in and get a tax deduction. Then you will understand what to do with it later. If you are not ready to invest it, then don’t invest it. But get a tax cut first. It’s easy.

mat: I’ve always loved 401 (k). When you’re with an employer who is willing to match, it’s just free money for you.

Charles: It’s an instant, 100% return. For example, if you match 5%, enter the first 5% and the return on investment will be 100% and there is no risk. You got an instant 100% return for that match. If you’re not using it, it’s a good idea to have your head checked. This is the same as someone dropping a bag of money in front of you and you don’t receive it.

In fact, if someone drops a bag of money in front of me, I might think it has a mafia don, so I might not receive it.

mat: Yes, yes.

Charles: But with a 401k, there is no string attached.

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