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    2021 Cash Gift Guide: From Cryptography to Tungsten Cube

    Putting it in a small wrapped box or in a Hallmark card is one of the most trusted and beloved gifts. But this holiday season, cash gifts have taken on a new form as cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible token, Or NFT.

    However, you can’t buy one of these assets and send a link to anyone, so you need to plan to provide digital money. Instead, you need someone who has already created a digital wallet through a provider such as Rainbow, MetaMask, or so on.


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    The wallet then Hold assets, Effectively function as a bank account.

    Lex Sokolin, Head Economist and Co-Head of Global FinTech at ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company, said: It’s like “appearing at a friend’s house in 2002, giving him an MP3 player and saying,” This is an MP3 player. Now throw away all the CDs. ” “

    Aside from the hassle, many parents, children, and even friends are embracing these new products, at least because they are more digitally savvy in their lives. Just as stocks and savings bonds have been purposeful gifts for the past few years, cryptocurrency or NFT art gifts can teach recipients about financial independence, investment and savings.

    “Giving money is also education,” said Shari Greco Reiches, Wealth Manager and co-founder of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management.

    With that spirit in mind, here are some of the most 2021 ways to make money-not a visible gift card.

    Cryptographic starter pack

    One easy way to help someone step into the world of digital currencies is to offer a makeshift crypto starter pack.

    Alex Salnikov, co-founder and product manager of the NFT Marketplace Rarible, said he promised to give his friends a wallet and offer NFTs to the other side. He also recommends products such as Link Drop. This allows the provider to send an onboarding link to start setting up their own wallet.

    Coinbase offers the option to share crypto assets with those that haven’t yet been set up on the network, along with a message and an “interesting little welcome,” said John Zettler, Senior Product Manager at Coinbase. Setting up your wallet in Coinbase is free.

    “These are effectively the keys to the community, which allows you to make that person part of that community,” Salnikov said.


    If someone has already set up their own cryptocurrency, Mr. Salnikov is not a common one, and just like choosing a gift card from his favorite store, the coins or coins that are most useful for their favorite activities. It is advisable to give cryptocurrencies


    gift card.

    Unlike setting up a wallet for free on many platforms, these coins are not cheap. Bitcoin prices have risen from $ 30,000 at the end of 2020 to nearly $ 70,000 in 2021. Another popular coin, Ethereum, is as cheap as $ 4,300. However, you can buy some of the cryptocurrencies, but all Bitcoins are split. That is, you can buy one slice. Almost any amount you want..

    Cryptocurrencies related to internet jokes, such as Memecoins, or dogecoin, don’t push you back too much. (At its peak, Dogecoin reached 75 cents in May 2021.) Sending these is “economically equivalent to sending a picture of a funny cat,” Socolin said.


    Jan Buchczik


    NFTs are best described as a voucher for the reliability of other digital assets, whether art or music.They soared in popularity this year, just a few years later They were first created in 2017.. Marketplaces such as Rarible, Open Sea, and Nifty Gateway can offer multiple ideas for NFT gifts. Animation rainbow cat illustration 0.6 with Ethereum Dancing taco bell taco GIF 4 For Ethereum.

    “This is a unique digital 1-1 item that only you can own and can represent so many different things. So what is the recipient of the gift?” Zettler said. Said.

    Depending on the desire and availability of a particular item, the value of the NFT can also increase. NBA Top Shots allow users to buy important moments in basketball history. The legendary auction house Christie’s now offers original works of art that can be purchased as NFTs. Bands such as Kings of Leon have released albums as NFTs.

    Note the price tag: These original collectibles can cost you from anywhere $ 1 in millions of dollars..

    Financial products for children

    Jordan Wexler, co-founder and CEO of the gift platform Early Bird, says opening a protective investment account for a child can introduce the investment to the child.

    Many brokerage firms and companies offer this option. With Wechsler’s products, parents, grandparents, or other adult gift providers set up a custody investment account for children from birth with specific festive video messages such as holidays and birthdays. I can do it.

    There is such an interesting move among those who don’t want waste anymore and are asking, “How can I charge something more emotionally than a toy?” “Mr. Wechsler said.

    Givers can donate in the range of $ 15 to $ 2,500 at any frequency of their choice, either as a regular or one-time deposit.

    Reiches has more traditional recommendations. By giving money to the 529 plan, parents, grandparents, and other adults will be able to invest money that can be used to qualify for beneficiary education.

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    Jan Buchczik


    Memestocks It surged earlier this year. Then they fell. Then they stood up again. inside that,


    AMC and other tickers have become common names.

    Giving a share of these stocks is one option to bet on memestocks. You can also buy split shares, Reiches said. Showing recipients how to track the progress of their investment can be an experience of its own.

    Share your thoughts

    How do you give a gift of money? Join the conversation below.

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    Jan Buchczik

    “Talk to your kids about the companies they like and the companies they follow,” she said. “It can teach discipline, long-term thinking, and delayed satisfaction.”

    Tungsten cube

    Tungsten cube It has a special appeal to those who want to take intangible assets (cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the world of decentralized finance) and turn them into tangible assets. These crypto enthusiasts do this using a small gray cube of metallic tungsten, a substance that is almost twice as dense as lead. Cube can run anywhere from $ 400 for a 2-inch cube to $ 3,000 for a 4-inch cube.

    Nick Carter, one of the first champions of the cube, he said I gave them to my family and friends before For the holidays. But for those who aren’t joking, gifts may not resonate as you wish.

    “I recommend it only as a gift for cryptocurrencies and those who are very enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies


    Otherwise, they will stare at you with a blank face like “What is it?” Mr. Zettler said.

    The recent surge in Shiba Inu coins and their subsequent decline in value are part of the growth trend of meme coins, which is comparable to some of the world’s largest digital tokens. WSJ retail investment reporter Caitlin McCave explains why investors are pouring money into this meme-based cryptocurrency.Photo: Amber Bragdon / Getty Images

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    2021 Cash Gift Guide: From Cryptography to Tungsten Cube

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