200,000 children in England face winter eviction, warns Shelter


Up to 200,000 children face eviction of peasants in the UK Private rental housing According to housing charities, rising living costs and the elimination of coronavirus support measures have put many at risk of the homeless this winter.

According to a shelter survey, more than 100,000 families in the UK have been notified of evictions of peasants and delinquent rent payments in recent months, and the government’s ban on evictions of peasants ended in May. Later, I am facing the threat of losing my home. Year.

Shelter estimates that 55,000 children have already been expelled from their homes in the last three months.

“Notice of eviction of peasants has begun to reach the front door mats. Our service is working 24 hours a day to help families who have nowhere else to go. As before, the government has sent people to the people. We need to intervene to keep our homes safe. Shelter CEO Polly Neat said:

This figure is based on a YouGov survey of more than 3,600 adults living in private rental housing, with about one-third having children. The shelter estimated national totals based on the latest UK housing survey data.

The coronavirus has put workers in various disciplines into a precarious situation, and long periods of blockade have hit temporary workers.

Tenants who are overvalued in these sectors and do not share the capital gains enjoyed by homeowners due to soaring home prices over the past year have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

The withdrawal of government support measures intended to overcome the pandemic and see workers and renters further exposed them.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a £ 1 billion package to help businesses through the latest wave of pandemics, and the housing sector announced an additional £ 316 million on Tuesday to fund the homeless. ..

However, these measures go far beyond the unprecedented support packages introduced when the coronavirus first struck the United Kingdom. Prohibit eviction.

That is, many lessees are now At risk of losing a home According to the shelter, it is difficult to find alternative accommodation.

“My children have the right to feel safe and secure. They know that we are on the verge of becoming homeless and that it has a direct impact on their psychological well-being.” Kat, a trained midwife with three 48-year-old mothers facing peasants next month, said.

The pressure on public housing renters is likely to worsen early next year, according to another study by the Resolution Foundation think tank released Wednesday.

Approximately 5 million UK public housing households are estimated to face a 4.1% (annual average £ 202) rent increase in April 2022 as a result of the increased social rent cap. This is the largest increase in nominal rent in 10 years and could coincide with a surge in living costs.

“Social lessors have already seen the biggest rise in housing costs in the last decade, as rents have outpaced income growth since 2005. Recent rises have been in housing. Although they are not receiving benefits, they are likely to face lower real wages, higher taxes and higher energy bills, “said Lindsay Judge, Research Director of the Resolution Foundation.

The Housing, Community and Level Up Bureau said: We also help the most vulnerable lessees delinquent through a £ 65m support package. “

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