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    1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra XC Edition Sedan

    Cutlass Proved to be such a selling model for Oldsmobile— — Especially in the mid-1970s— I thought it was suitable for the general to apply Cutlass name To three unrelated Oldsmobiles between Confused-Confused-Up-Shake Up The period of the 1980s.was Cutlass Supreme, Medium-sized rear-wheel drive G body Brother Chevrolet Monte Carlo And a little later Front-wheel drive Chevrolet Lumina..was Compact cutlass curry, based on Same platform that’s why Pontiac Grand Am. and, Cutlass Sierra, Closely related Chevrolet Celebrity Became famous by The leading role in the movie “Fargo”. Messed up? please do not!All you need to know is today Junkyard gem A rare example of a special edition Cutlass Ciera was sold to commemorate the 90th anniversary First oldsmobile car..

    First oldsmobile The 90th anniversary of Oldsmobile struck the city of Lansing in 1897. Lansing car assembly 1988 model line. XC Is a Roman numeral method for 90, Therefore, the name of the edition.Oldsmobile marketers have spent decades Trying to convince young buyers to want their own carThere weren’t many references to the early days of the XC edition of Oldsmobile. advertisement… But the XC Special Edition very good It continued to be produced until the 1990 model. Oldsmobile has disappeared since 2004And even if there is a 100th anniversary olds, I don’t know it.

    High zoom powertrain hardware was not available on XC (Gnawing Iron Duke 2.5 liter 4 banger It was a base engine), but the $ 489 ($ 2021 for about $ 1,050) XC Special Edition package came with orange trim accents and some flashy look items. International series curry..

    The first buyer of this car was so wise that he wanted to avoid the rigors of the 110-horsepower Iron Duke, so he installed a 160-horse 3.3-liter V6 engine.

    There was no manual transmission available for this car, but at least the buyer chose an extra charge 4-speed automatic over- 3-speed slash box that robs the fuel economy..

    Most Detroit cars did not yet have a 6-digit odometer by 1990, but they did.I’ve seen it, but it’s not 150,000 miles Over 350,000 miles of junk curry..

    Sold near Denver, Crushed in Denver..

    The 4-speaker AM / FM / Cassette system with auto-reversal was fairly decent audio hardware by 1990 standards.

    Only $ 176 a month!

    Marketing in this era of curry seems to have been all about price, price, price.

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    1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra XC Edition Sedan

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