11 How I Met Your Mother Easter Eggs That You’ll See in the New Hilary Duff Spin-Off


Fans how I Met your mother Will definitely tune to Hulu’s new spin-off How I met your father.. And after watching the first episode, you can report that it will be delivered. But does it refer to the original?Sure, the basic assumptions are the same as for framing devices, HIMYM It was full of callbacks, repetitive gags, and props that had different meanings over time (uh, Ducky Thai).So, of course, our eyes are HIMYF Pilots with all similarities to the pilots in the previous series.

Here are all the references, similarities, and some stretches of imagination:

Opening title sequence. HIMYF Have the same theme music as how I Met your motherHowever, this series is sung by a female vocalist because it was played by a female POV, Sophie, in 2022. Hilary Duff Kim Cattrall has been the narrator since 2050. The title of the original show featured a photo of the cast taken with a disposable camera, but this time the photo is on the filmstrip.

Take a taxi. In HIMYM Pilots and core characters enter and leave taxis driven by Ranjit, who has become a recurring character. In the new series, Sophie meets Sid (Suraj Sharma) and Jesse (Christopher Lowell) at Uber.

suggestion. Sid and Hannah (Ashley Reyes) will engage in this pilot, just as Lily accepted Marshall’s proposal.

Fall in love with a stranger. After closing his eyes across the crowded room, Ted begins to fall for Robin and professes his love on their first date. That (a little) happens in Sophie and Ian (Daniel Augustin). After matching on Tinder, they start falling on each other in the text and have a great first date at the bar. (Yes, both pilots have a bar and it’s done in New York, but that’s a bit too obvious to be an Easter egg, isn’t it?)

Travel for work. Robin’s trip to work delays his first date with Ted (and is a recurring reason they can’t be together), and Ian, who is leaving town when they meet, with Sophie. Delay the first date (and that seems to be the reason they can’t be together).

“You must have kissed her!” In HIMYM Pilot Robin gives a clear signal that he wants Ted to kiss, but he understands it in retrospect … and feels foolish to miss the chance.of HIMYF, The characters are a little mature and actually speak out their desire to kiss, but they have decided not to. But they must have !!!

Umbrella photo. Sophie’s passion is street photography, and in the apartment she shares with Valentina (Francia Raisa), she finds a black-and-white snap that looks like a New York couple behind a large brightly colored umbrella. I need a stage artist who can tell me if the umbrella is now yellow.

11 How I Met Your Mother Easter Eggs That You’ll See in the New Hilary Duff Spin-Off Source link 11 How I Met Your Mother Easter Eggs That You’ll See in the New Hilary Duff Spin-Off

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