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    10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch the Week of November 21, 2021

    Here are all the TV shows and movies you need to watch this week: House of Gucci NS Hawkeye And the return of glory gossip Girl..

    November 21 (Sun)

    2021 American Music Awards: Cardi B will host Olivia Rodrigo’s most nominated tonight’s ceremony. ABC 8 pm ET

    Swipe Night: Killer Weekend: Click here for the season finale. According to the press email, “Swipe Night: Killer Weekend Featuring new characters and a whole new storyline (Gen Z Whodunit), during the three weeks of November, Tinder members can choose who they think has committed a crime. ” About The Tinder

    November 22 (Monday)

    Rethinking JFK: Through Looking Glass: read Showtime official description, Less than. Showtime 7:00 pm ET

    “Thirty years after acclaimed director Oliver Stone first investigated JFK’s assassination, Stone reassessed the horrific events that shaped the generation. Stone is a newly declassified and revisited footage. Uses to present an example where the conspiracy theory about the president’s death is actually a “conspiracy fact”. Narration by Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Sutherland. “

    Tuesday, November 23

    Jonas Brothers Family roast: According to the press email, “Jonas Brothers Family Roast Is one of the special comedies of epic proportions, celebrating the universal truth that no one can sneak into your skin like your own family. Through sketches, songs, games and special guests, you’ll find Jonas Brothers, a global multi-platinum superstar like never before. All of these provide an unforgettable roast. ” Streaming on Netflix

    Black and missing: read The official description of HBO below.. 8 pm ET on HBO

    “Black and missing Is a four-part HBO documentary series by multiple Emmy-winning Geeta Gandbhir and award-winning documentary, journalist, writer, and activist Soldad O’Brien. This series is difficult because sister-in-law and founders of the Black Missing Foundation, Delica and Natalie Wilson, are aware of the case of a black missing person left behind by law enforcement and the domestic media. I am following the battle. “

    Wednesday, November 24th

    Hawkeye: The goodness of more Marvel coming to your queue. See the trailer below. Streaming on Disney +

    House of Gucci: Say with me: Father, Son, and House of Gucci. In the theater

    Thursday, November 25

    gossip Girl: Season 1 and Part 2 will be premiered in time for Thanksgiving. Streaming on HBO Max

    Friday, November 26

    Chocolate school: I’m shedding saliva. Streaming on Netflix

    Saturday, November 27

    Castle Heart Christmas: read Official description of the hall mark, Less than. 8:00 pm EST feature

    “Brook Bennett goes to Ireland for Christmas and looks for Irish roots. While there, she meets the fascinating Aiden Hart of Count Glaslough. She was mistaken for an elite event planner for his Hired to host a spectacular Christmas party in the castle. “

    For more information All TV shows You need to know, click here.

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