10 Tips for Watching Netflix in Your College Dorm Room


If you’re in college, chances are that Netflix is how you spend most of your free time. The convenience of being able to watch TV shows and movies on your laptop or tablet from anywhere is one that many college students take advantage of. However, with the convenience comes some drawbacks. If you’re living in a dorm room, how can you make watching Netflix as easy as possible? Below are 10 tips for how to watch Netflix without it costing too much data or interrupting your roommates’ sleep!

10 Tips for Watching Netflix in Your College Dorm Room

Tip #1: Use Netflix’s data usage calculator to see how much data your show will use

Netflix has a great data usage calculator that lets you know how much data does Netflix use. This is helpful if you’re on a limited data plan or if you want to make sure your movie doesn’t use up all your data for the month.

Tip #2: Use airplane mode when watching Netflix

If you’re in a dorm room and don’t want to disturb your roommates, put your device in airplane mode while watching Netflix. This will keep the sound from coming out of your device and also prevent any incoming calls or texts from interrupting your show.

Tip #3: Watch shows with lower bitrates

Not every show on Netflix is created equal in terms of data usage. If you’re looking to watch a show that doesn’t use up too much data, try watching one with a lower bit rate. You can find this information by clicking on the “HD?” symbol next to the title of each episode.

Tip #4: Watch Netflix offline

If you know you’re going to be without internet access for a while, download some episodes or movies from Netflix and watch them offline. This is a great way to save data if you don’t have a lot of it to spare!

Tip #5: Use Google Chrome’s Data Saver extension

If you’re watching Netflix on a laptop, try using the Google Chrome Data Saver extension. This will compress your video data and save it for later so that when you reconnect to wifi, you can watch all of your shows in high definition!

Tip #6: Use an HDMI cable/wireless display adapter

You can connect your device directly to your TV using an HDMI cable or wireless display adapter. By doing this, any show you play on Netflix will be shown through your TV instead of just playing off of your computer screen.

This is especially useful if more than one person wants to watch different things at once – everyone with their own device connected via cables has no problem tuning in to whatever they’d like without disrupting each other’s experience.

Tip #7: Use the Netflix app on your phone

If you have a data plan with unlimited streaming, watching Netflix on your phone is a great way to avoid using any of your laptop’s data. The Netflix app uses very little data and can be watched anywhere, even if you’re not connected to wifi!

Tip #8: Watch shows that are currently airing live

Netflix has a great selection of TV shows that are currently airing live. If you missed an episode or just want to watch it again, most of these shows are available on Netflix the day after they air. This is a great way to save data since you’re only watching one show at a time instead of multiple episodes of different seasons!

Tip #9: Try out the “Auto-Play” feature

Netflix has an “auto-play” feature that will automatically play the next episode when you finish watching one. This is a great way to save time, especially if your show is on season break and doesn’t have new episodes airing weekly! Just make sure not to use this in public or with roommates around since it can be loud and annoying.

Tip #10: Watch Netflix offline whenever possible

If you don’t mind how much data downloading Netflix shows use up, always download them so that during times without internet access (like in between classes) you’ll still be able to watch something! You never know when you might need entertainment while waiting for the bus or having dinner at home alone – just make sure not to use up all of your data with downloads.


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