10 of the weirdest experiments of 2021


Every year, scientists do some really mysterious experiments, and 2021 was no exception. From growing mini-brain with your own eyes on a Petri dish to resurrecting a 24,000-year-old self-replicating zombie from the Siberian permafrost, this is an absolutely bizarre scientific experiment of the year.

A miniature human brain that grows with your own eyes

Scientists have grown brain organoids with an optic cup. (Image credit: Elke Gabriel)

In August, a group of scientists released equally fascinating and horrifying news when they announced that they had succeeded in growing a small human brain in the laboratory with their own eyes. They transform stem cells into nervous tissue and stimulate them with chemical signals to form a small rudimentary “optic cup” filled with light-sensitive cells, in a Kronenberg-like manner called organoids. I made a mini brain.

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